Bothell Kayaks and Kenmore Kayaks

Bothell & Kenmore Kayak Rentals

We offer single and double (two person) kayak rentals. Our kayaks are great for two adults and a child. We offer a variety of kayaks - sit-on-tops are the most popular: easy to get in and out! We supply the paddles, PFD's for all rentals, and, of course, instruction.

Come and see the WhatsSup crew at Bothell Landing & Log Boom Park in Kenmore! As an added bonus, canoes and beach cruiser bikes are also available.

We do not prorate. We are a walk up rental. Must be 18+ to rent. 

(Cooperate events require reservations)

Kayak Rentals

First HourAdditional Hour
Single Kayak (sit on top) $18 $12
Double Kayak (sit on top) $24 $12
Single Kayak (sit in) $27 $15
Double Kayak (sit in) $32 $15
Canoe $24 $12

Prices do not include sales tax. Major credit cards welcome. Visa, Mastercard & Discover.

(Prices subject to change without notice)


Don't know how to use a Kayak? No problem! All kayak rentals come with basic instruction!

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